Wednesday morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we took a van across the street to the port.
That was about 11:30am. We were in our cabin by Noon - very smooth check in.

Our first order of business was to put the
Islanders door signs on everyone's door.

This time we decided to see what a mini-suite was
like. This is it. Lots of room - about 300 square
feet. We liked the roomy, exposed balcony too.

A very nice surprise was waiting in our cabin when
we got back from putting up the door signs. The
Islanders sent me beautiful flowers. They lasted
almost the entire trip! My sister and brother-in-law
sent a cheese tray and very nice Island Princess
clock. We redeemed the certificate for the tray later.

Right after the ship sailed, the Islanders
got together in the Explorers Lounge.

This gave us a chance to get to know each
other a little better face-to-face.

Jerry and I are talking to Tom here. By coincidence
I met Tom a few weeks earlier while at a class in
San Francisco. He was there for his work as well.

more of the ship.....

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