This a a port we were really looking forward to. Joyce made arrangements for us to go ziplining.

Once the ship was docked, we
disembarked. This is Carl and Doris.

Security is very tight around cruise ships
in port these days. Just take a look at the
impressive Harbor Patrol here.

This is where we waited for our zip
excursion. Something happened with
the vendor, so our driver was a no-show.

After some negotiations with local vendors
on scene, we found a driver who would
take us where we wanted to go.

It was pretty hot sitting outside, so we were all
happy to get in the air-conditioned van!

John, Michael and Jerry had the back seat.

Our driver took us to this hotel for the
ziplining. We waited in this area for
everyone to pay for the excursion.

Once everyone paid, we were taken to
this room to get all of our gear on.

This was some pretty serious gear!

Jerry gets suited up.

Am I ready or what?

John gets suited up.

And... here's the group ready to go!

NEXT: We go ziplining through the trees....

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