On May 7 we stopped at a fairly new port - Huatlco, Mexico. It's supposed to be an
up-and-coming tourist spot. Because it has a new dock, we didn't have to tender.

This is what it looks like now.

Huatlco sailors on the dock

Before getting off the ship, we saw jetskis
on the water. So, we decided to give that a try.

We scouted around for a place to rent one.

We finally decided on this place near the ship.

Jerry had no trouble driving the jetski.

The guy who rented the jetski to us told us
not to go past these rocks. So, of course, we did.
We dumped the jetski and took a little dip in the ocean.

Here we are after our adventure.
Unfortunately, it looks like there was some
water on the underwater camera lens.

A Huatlco guard keeps an eye on passengers.

Some of the scenery as we leave Huatlco.

  NEXT PORT: Acapulco....

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